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Zoom Local Foreigner - Dikkeni

Local Foreigner


Local Foreigner is a collection of poems exploring the idea of home and our search to belong somewhere. Written from the perspective of a Swiss-Lebanese immigrant. The poems look at boundaries set by nationality and the struggle to move beyond them while trying to make sense of the attachments we develop to one place over another in spite of the faults rooted in a country’s society and politics.



Paperback: 62 pages. Dimensions: 15.19 x 0.43 x 22.91 cm. Language: English


The net proceeds go to writer Amanda Dufour and this collection's partner nonprofit organisation. 

Amanda Dufour


Meet the creatives on Dikkéni; discover what inspires them and learn more about the process behind their craft.

Dia Mrad

Dia Mrad is a Lebanese photographer, based in Beirut, specialized in interiors and architecture photography. He graduated from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik in Lebanon (USEK) with a Master's in architecture...

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Simon Haddad

Simon is a photographer based in Beirut, Lebanon. He has loved photography since he was 7, and learnt on his own how to use a camera to be able portray...

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Omar Sfeir

Omar Sfeir is a Lebanese photographer and filmmaker. His work documents human intimacy as a means of questioning social norms. His artistic journeys tell the stories of non-conformists in the context of...

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Amanda Dufour

Coming from Swiss-Lebanese origins, Amanda Dufour left her hometown of Beirut after high school to pursue a dance career in London. Over the years, she has performed around the world...

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