Timi Hayek

 Timi Hayek creates illustrations inspired by mythology, history and art on giclée prints, silk scarves and dresses from her boutique in Beirut. Timi hand draws the entire collection herself. The scarves and dresses are hand-sewn slowly and thoughtfully, and therefore don’t follow the fast paced fashion schedule. Everything is hand-made in a sustainable and organic way. Delicate silk materials are individually hand-rolled and hand-stitched, imperfect yet beautiful.  

Timi's work is deeply rooted in historical, mythological and artistic research, highlighting the importance of preserving cultural heritage and the natural world.
Follow @timihayek on instagram to watch her journey. 
Available to purchase at timihayek.com and at her store in Monot: Hayek Bldg. Monot Street, Beirut, Lebanon



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