Yassmin Saleh

Yassmin Saleh

Yassmin Saleh has had a passion for wearable art and design for as long as she can remember.

 In 2018, she was chosen to participate in Starch foundation's annual program, which provided a platform for her eponymous brand's debut collection. Yassmin has since made it her mission to share her story through her collections.

Yassmin realized that she couldn't do justice to her tale without her sister Farah, her childhood companion, by her side. Farah, who has worked at Christian Dior and Christian Louboutin's regional offices in Dubai, is well-versed in the fashion industry and now manages the Yassmin Saleh brand's global expansion.

From playing dress up in their family home to working side by side at their atelier, their sister duo has always shared an undenied flair for fashion, but excelled in different spaces. Yassmin now oversees the creative side of the label, while Farah handles the business operations of the company.

Why We Love Them: From evening wear to daily staples, the innovation and storytelling behind each piece makes it the perfect combination between original and classic. All handmade in the Beirut atelier.

Available to purchase at https://yassminsaleh.com/


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