Beit Collective

Beit Collective

BEIT Collective is a company dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Lebanese craftsmanship and identity, accomplished through collaborations with both Lebanese and international designers.

The idea for the collective started during the October Revolution in Lebanon in 2019, and came to life after the Beirut Explosion in September 2020. Their primary objective is to support local artisans and revive traditional techniques by integrating them into contemporary design practices. By merging age-old craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, BEIT Collective actively contributes to safeguarding Lebanon's cultural heritage and presenting its extensive history of skilled artistry to a global audience.

Their efforts not only focuses on preserving the past but also aim to build a brighter future for artisans and their communities. The company firmly believes in the transformative power of traditional crafts and seeks to empower local communities
by providing sustainable opportunities. By prioritising the preservation of these crafts and fostering community development, BEIT Collective strives to create a more equitable and environmentally conscious future for all.

Why we love them: Aligned with our ethos and mission, we love the sophistication and beautiful balance of traditional and contemporary styles in the full range. 

Available to purchase at their Shop in Beirut. The Shop is currently open on appointment only. Please call +961 76 992 076 to book your appointment.


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