À Table

À Table

Founded in Lebanon in 2020 amidst a pandemic, À table came to life with its minimal aesthetic which was locally missing to the “art de la table” segment , offering a range of table linens and accessories.

Since its launch, the founding duo Karma Youssef and Joumana Ghorayeb were determined to create and locally produce their designs with the finest Lebanese artisans.

After the success of its first collection “The Garden Party” consisting of mostly florals and prints, À table later launched a more developed range of unique, hand embroidered pieces all made by Lebanese artisans.

À table today is on an on-going journey, infusing minimalism to L’Art de la Table, designing every new collection with passion and care.

Why We Love Them: À Table's range of colourful table linens goes beyond mere decoration and truly transforms any dining setting into a lively and joyous experience. With their vibrant hues and exquisite designs, these linens are perfect for creating unique and celebratory setups that are sure to impress your guests.

Available to purchase at www.atableshop.com.


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