Mabelle O'rama

Mabelle O'rama

Mabelle O’rama is an olfactive studio experimenting with ways we evoke sentiments, revisit memories and discover new experiences through the power of scent. After embarking on perfumery training in 2020 as a way to escape the reality of a lockdown, founder and scent maker Mabelle has been since exploring new ways to enjoy and learn about scent.

Mabelle O’rama is an olfactive studio with a modern take on scent love dedicated to scent experimentation and education. It is not exclusive to perfume lovers but rather to anyone who is curious about scent in general. The aim of the studio is to raise awareness about the importance of our olfactory sense through a variety of workshops and to offer new olfactive mediums to enjoy scent.

Why we love her: Not only are the art visually stunning, but their innovative and thought-provoking fragrant notes also provides an added olfactory journey, resulting in truly unique pieces.

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