Stro Designs

Stro Designs

Stro Designs is an atelier that specialises in the intricate art of straw marquetry. Their exquisite pieces are crafted using time-honoured techniques. Their dynamic blend of vivid colours and eye-catching patterns emanate energy and vitality.

Straw marquetry, also known as straw inlay or straw work, is a decorative technique that involves arranging and gluing thin strips of straw onto a surface to create intricate patterns and designs. The technique has been used for centuries to embellish furniture, boxes, picture frames, and other decorative objects.

The origins of straw marquetry can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where straw was used to create decorative objects such as baskets and mats. The technique was later refined in France in the 17th century and became popular during the 18th century. During this time, straw marquetry was often used to decorate furniture, particularly in the form of panels on cabinets and commodes.

 Why we love them: The colourful combination of traditional craftsmanship, artistry, and striking design elevates classic pieces.

Available to purchase District 14 Concept Store in Beirut. 


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