Each season Dikkéni partners with a local Lebanese community-focused NGO or non-profit Organisation to receive a portion of the sales. Through our parent organisation Impact Lebanon, we carefully vet local NGOs to ensure maximum transparency and reliability. We will share proof of receipt of funds with each NGO we partner with. We are currently working with the non- profit Organisation The Environment Academy to receive a portion of  funds from each Dikkéni sale.



The Environment Academy (EA) is a partnership between AUB-NCC and MTV’s "Sar El Wa2et" or “It’s about time”, in collaboration with Impact Lebanon. The purpose of the Academy is to publicise and expand on a process for co-creating solutions with the residents of rural and urban areas at the front lines of our common environmental problems.

​​Never before has there been ground shaking public outcry and urgency over environmental and public health crises, especially in solid waste mismanagement, water pollution, air pollution, and the loss of green spaces. When we put aside our religions, political, and ideological divides, we find that wherever we live in Lebanon and no matter how well-off we are, everyone has these issues in common.


The EA aim’s to instil hope that these longstanding, grand, and seemingly out of control issues can be dealt with when we join forces and translate the frustrations of those who live these issues most intimately into action. After all​​, they are ones that have the courage, grit, and local knowledge needed to make a change.
They believe when the issues become severe, huge, and out of control, start small and work in the areas you know best. Through the Environment Academy, they are working with 10 villages or urban areas to advance a process for co-creating solutions that are best suited to each village and area.



  1. Build the capacity of community members on the process of finding solutions that are fitted to pressing environmental challenges in their area
  2. ​​With expert support, co-create and advance systematic and feasible environmental solutions at the community level 
  3. Engage the diaspora and the public in the action oriented scientific process behind EA 


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