What | Dikkéni offers a window into the studios of socially conscious creatives. As a group of employed entrepreneurs, we have come together to support emerging talent and enable them to grow. We curate a selection of unique, hand-crafted pieces and sustainable prints by socially conscious creatives. From illustrators & photographers to artisans - we feature all the accessories you need for a sustainable life. Based in London, and made in Lebanon, we are bringing local values global. Each collection is driven by the purpose of supporting socially-active creatives and local, community-focused NGOs.

Who | Founded by a small team of women with 9-5 jobs, we have committed ourselves to applying the same dedication our work day sees to the operations of Dikkéni. We are volunteering our early mornings, lunch breaks and evenings to build a platform that supports its brands and artists in reaching their full potential. Dikkéni is a project fueled by passion and hard work, offering a concept store that values purpose rather than personal profit.

Why | Consumers are forced to choose between aesthetics, price and ethics. We offer a curated selection that delivers on all three. We carry social enterprises pioneering small-scale production  and sustainability so that you can purchase what you love with a clean conscience. As Lebanese expatriates, we have experienced different cultures that have broadened our perspectives on life. Creativity and craft are embedded in Lebanese culture. A rich heritage combined with a multicultural society has made Lebanon a natural home for artists and creatives. Many young social enterprises focused on unifying craft and sustainability have emerged, and we at Dikkéni want to support the creatives driving this movement.