Sustainability: Not Just another Social Media Trend

“Sustainability” is a word we’ve been increasingly hearing during these past years: this topic has been brought to light on TV, taught in some school curriculums, the motive for hundreds of demonstrations to take place around the world, and a redundant marketing strategy for many brands.

 So, what is the drive behind this trend?

 It doesn’t take a lot to look around and notice the changes happening to our climate and environment. From droughts to raging wildfires, our mother earth is hurting, and that is an undeniable fact. 

In 2020 alone, Air pollution has killed 6.6 million people.Between 2019 and 2020, 152 gigatonnes of ice melted into our oceans and 30 storms occurred in Hurricane season. 

How can we be part of the solution rather than the problem? 

We like to believe that change happens one step at a time! Check out our favourite, affordable, and sustainable switches:

Featuring Savvy Element, Senteurs d'Orient and Le Saboon

Bar Soap:

One of our favourite sustainable switches for you starts in the bathroom. Although many tend to lean towards liquid soap, bar soap has so much more to offer. First off, Bar soap uses little to nothing preservatives to keep them shelf-stable. And if that's not convincing enough, did you know bar soap lasts 6 times longer than liquid soap? Both your skin and wallet will be thanking you (and us) later. 

Featuring the Keess x the Art of Boo Product Bag

Produce Bags:

Your weekly grocery run will take a whole new turn once you start swapping out plastic bags for produce bags. Forget the branded plastic bags piling up under your kitchen sink or cabinet! Not only can you pick from a variety of funky designs and patterns for your bags, but it's breathable fabric also keeps your produce fresh. If that isn’t convincing enough, did you know that the average use of a plastic bag is 12 minutes? Why not start investing in reusable produce bags and minimize plastic waste. Take a look at our Keess x the Art of Boo Produce bags.  Made from 100% cotton, these produce bags would make your inner environmentalist squeal with excitement. 


Featuring Stojo and Keep Cup 

Reusable Cups: 

Does swapping out takeaway cups to reusable cups really need that much convincing? If you often find yourself surrounded by takeaway coffee cups at work or school, it might be time to make the switch. Not only do reusable cups help reduce plastic waste (yes please) but they can also help you save money! Many cafes and coffee shops offer a reusable cup discount. So, do yourself and the environment a favour and try reusable cups for a change.