Soha Ghandour's Beirut Nostalgia

We often compare the sea to an endless blue void: it is the realm of the unknown and mysterious depths. 

Trio - Soha Ghandour

 The sea is the witness of the earthlings achievements and disasters, the wise woman looking after our little universe’s history, while still keeping her arms wide open to welcome any dull soul into her infinite possibilities. This is why we all find comfort in the sea: it plays with us with its wandering waves, freshens our busy minds with each drop running through our scalp, and warms our bodies with its golden sand, the people’s bed. 

Afternoon Swim - Soha Ghandour

When it comes to Manara’s sea, it’s a whole different world. Throughout time, it has always been a soothing escape from busy Beirut. But still, when you’re there, you will never feel alone. Kids laughing and shouting, jumping from one rock to another as in a safe playground, men and women unwrapping their prepared sandwiches and proudly exposing their shishas and umbrellas, fishermen patiently waiting for something to bite. Even when your head will be underwater, you’ll still hear the loud and lively breath of the city.

When your eyes will have enough of the sea’s dizzying blue, take a walk on Manara’s pier and dive into its colourful scenery: the hotchpotch of the sea side, with its people, snack carts and amusement parks, provides us with happy memories and an imperfect sense of serenity.

Along the way, you’ll notice the lighthouse, historically eminent, standing like a queen facing the horizon. Everyday when the evening comes, the sky sheds its fiery curtain above the sea to match with the red stripes of this proud and imperishable tower.