Sasha Haddad: A Ray of Sunshine



With confinement, all days begin to blend into one. Weekends and weekdays feel the same, and while time moves slowly, the rollercoaster of emotions felt, travels very much at full speed. No other artist of ours understands this as much as Sasha Haddad. This is why, in the midst of this pandemic, we just had to get on the phone with the ray of sunshine that is Sasha. Just like the birds in the background of that video, after a short zoom call with her, life for us at Dikkéni, came back singing again.

Sasha is a Lebanese illustrator, born and raised in Beirut. She may have travelled the world, but chose every time to come back home and was even there for the revolution. The unity of people in Beirut during the revolution inspired her a lot and she hopes her work contributed to the scream for justice and change echoed by everyone, everywhere.

Lebanon, its streets and many hidden gems are her ultimate source of inspiration. After scrolling through her work, you may wish to have been raised in Beirut too! You see, wandering the streets of Beirut is a perfect juxtaposition of the old and the new, the rich and the poor and the colourful and the colourless.  For the untrained eye, Beirut is a mess, for Sasha though, Beirut is romantic, beautiful and historic. Made even more beautiful by its people working tirelessly to save it.

Spend some time looking at her work and reading her captions. You will not only fall in love with her but with her Lebanon too. If her work is not enough, you will surely be converted when she takes over our Instagram stories this week. You will get to see Lebanon through her own eyes, the Lebanon that inspires her and the Lebanon we are all longing for. If we are lucky, we may even get to discover new hidden gems with her!

Sasha, helps us fall in love with Lebanon again. Her romantic view of our home is truly heartwarming. This is why, for Dikkéni, we chose to share a unique piece of hers on a tote bag.



Inspired by a conversation she had, It is not only a beautiful illustration but a heartfelt one at that. It says: “Tell me something beautiful. Let me tell you about Lebanon”. A short quote, with tremendous effect, because truly the story of Lebanon and its people is one that must be heard. It is a story of heroic resilience, strength and passion.

We hope as you wear this tote you can uplift the many unheard stories of a hidden country so beautiful, because of the people within it.