Meet Pop of Hope

Tucked away on one of the many colourful streets of Gemmayzeh, Pop of Hope by Matisse is hard to miss! The little nook, found in the Dagher building on Pasteur street is decorated with the flag that is so dear to the hearts of Lebanese. The colours: red, white, and green of the Lebanese flag plastered across the entrance, would make any customer or passerby smile with pride.

We visited them in December and remember feeling the magical energy of Beirut during that period, only amplified. Lynn Sawaya's eyes twinkling as she spoke to us about Pop of Hope, how it started and the success it turned into. In her words, "we felt a strong belonging to a big united community looking to achieve the Lebanon we have all dreamt of for so long."

Pop of Hope is a heartfelt initiative that strives to inspire, uplift, and empower the Lebanese community through artwork. The concept drew inspiration from the Lebanese revolution. With a hope to positively impact the spirit of the people, Pop of Hope shares artwork that highlights the resilience of the Lebanese as well as their ability to thrive despite testing times.

Art has proven to be a catalyst for revolutionary thought, drawing inspiration from the community's struggles and acting as a beacon of hope for those who believe in social change. It plays a significant role in uniting the Lebanese community with its diaspora. "Art travels worldwide and screams the dreams of the revolution louder than any other communication tool. It’s the highest, everlasting tool that stays in history. Lebanese artists, more specifically have lived and seen so much that their art is heightened by their experiences."

With the desire to give back, support vulnerable communities and local-inspired artists, as well as maintain the momentum of the Lebanese Revolution, Pop of Hope held a unique pop up store to sell works of these local artists. With every purchase, Pop of Hope donated 70% of the revenue to local NGOs such as Beit El Baraka and the Lebanese Food Bank; the rest went to the artists. This initiative has already made a positive impact on the community. Through Pop of Hope's donations, Beit Al Baraka was able to support home renovations of vulnerable families and Lebanese Food Bank donated more than 200 food boxes to those in need.

It is not difficult to see why Pop of Hope was an instant success. Starting as a pop-up store showcasing works of Lebanese artists on postcards, posters, and coasters, they have welcomed young and motivated artists, all eager to contribute to the cause. Many of which are featured on Dikkeni too! Both uplifting inspired artists, and supporting local NGOs, Pop of Hope is a testament to the Lebanese community's love for their country, and hope for a stronger tomorrow.

Partnering with Pop of Hope was a natural choice. Their continuous support for Lebanese talent and local community resonates with our mission and truly inspires us! With a goal to uplift inspired artists, and support local NGO's, Pop of Hope is a testament to the Lebanese community's love for their country, and hope for a stronger tomorrow. Do not miss out on their collection here! It will not take you long to understand why we are proud to call them a partner!