Our Favourite Gifting Ideas!

'Tis the season, as some might say, where the wind gets colder and the sky just a little bit greyer. With the temperature dropping to unbearable lows, and the layering of scarves and sweaters get to an all-time high, no one can ignore the holiday season looming over us. Nostalgic for family gatherings, heaps of food and drink, fireplaces, and secret Santa, the holidays are what brings many of us back home and home back to us. Unfortunately, with the world finding itself at a halt once again, it is no surprise that many might be dreading the holiday season this year.

Despite the emotional rollercoaster 2020 has been, we here at Dikkeni are looking to take away your holiday blues and replace it with something a little bit warmer, brighter, and all-around merrier. Get lost in the world of possibilities with our many accessories, homeware, and quirky knick-knacks that would excite any storyteller or dreamer. Here, we take you on the stories of our artists through their inspired creations, and you never know, some designs might just inspire the storyteller in you or maybe even a friend.

The Mystere Notebook, from our art and lifestyle collection, is a pocket-sized notebook that comes in four variations and colours: Bouraq, Naga, Harpie, and Satyre. Inspired by Borges book of imaginary beings, this easy to carry and light pocketbook can be taken on any adventure. Whether looking to write self-reflect, create, or even go as far as drawing out your very own imaginary beings, this little notebook is perfect for anyone looking to let their creativity flow.

This little silk number, hand-drawn by the artist Timi Hayek, beautifully depicts the nature, landscape and mythology of the Adonis River and the Afqa waterfall. A Phoenician tale of love and loss, this silk scarf can be both dressed up or down and perfect for anyone looking to carry a little more colour and storytelling in their day to day wardrobe.

Infectious melancholy by Adra Kandil might just take you on a whirlwind of adventures. Head in the sky and a moonlit cityscape, Kandil's illustration represents a sweet escape from today's restrictions only to showcase tomorrow's possibilities. Take a closer look into Kandil's world of storytelling, and maybe even bring along a friend, either way, your inner dreamer will never be disappointed.

Finally, one of our many favourite creative concepts and a Dikkeni exclusive: It's the little things colour sheets. By none-other-than Alexandra Helou, colouring sheets are considered sacred to many. A form of self-therapy or even creative pass time, Helou's colouring sheets will inspire those looking to get lost in a world of twists, twirls and oh so many colours. Enjoy with a pot of hot chai (or mulled wine) or maybe even with a friend.

During such difficult and unprecedented times, it is essential to remind ourselves that despite such hardship, survival solely relies on both the support of our community and supporting our community.