One Month Since Dikkéni Launched

.... and what a great month it has been.  

Dikkéni was born in times of great uncertainty. With a global pandemic and the severe economic crisis in Lebanon, a general sense of discouragement was felt around the world. However, for our team, our answer to the adversity was to challenge it.

new this month? We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Minteshreen to offer the option to donate masks to a person in need in Lebanon to protect against COVID-19. 

We also have three artists (Pamela Mansour, Yasmine Darwish and Alexandra Helou) donating the proceeds of their work on Dikkéni to an NGO called This is Lebanon, which helps victims of the Kafala system. We launched this little blog and lastly, introduced international shipping to our website! 

Dikkéni is our form of resistance. Just as the Lebanese Revolution has exemplified, resilience is the only way to persevere.

Dikkéni is our answer to the world around us; the determination to be the change ourselves. Our artists and talent inspire us with the creativity they use to brightly colour even the darkest of times. We hope to do the same. Thank you to our growing community for helping in our mission to support #lebanesetalent!