Meet The Art of Boo

We had grown accustomed to his cartoons...

Knowing that his design was selected to be featured on Dikkéni by our curators made us jump on the occasion to have a call with him. We will also admit to having developed a secret crush on him. Check his bio.

Bernard is the quintessential Lebanese friend you really want to be around and have around. He manages to balance humour, depth, pragmatism and charm. Pouring coffee into his very Lebanese shaffeh small cup for our Zoom sob7yeh, he reminisces the early revolution days. For him, October 2019 was a wake-up call, one that has paved the way to a stronger sense of belonging to the country. He plays a crucial role in all this is. In using his unique voice and documenting events, he can keep the conversation going across the country. He recognises his ability to express opinions in a way many can relate to.

We love him, not only for his aligned values but also because everything he does is unique and comes with significant meaning. Even his given name, 'Art of Boo' comes with a substantial purpose. As he expresses, 'Boo' is the sound you make when you wish to express discontent towards something, like when you boo at the performance in a live show you are dissatisfied with. He says: "Mostly, I tend to boo at human behaviour. Theoretically, I'm a humanist. In reality, I am a misanthrope." 

For us, above all, Bernard strikes me as someone who can swiftly shift from a sentimental, hopeful person to a very pragmatic fact of the matter one. It may be the only way to balance living in Lebanon while striving to fulfil your potential; it is a constant balance between dreams, facts, hopes and reality!

He even said it in his own words. "What gives me hope? Love. Or anything else that serves as a distraction from the brutal reality."

Bernard agrees with Dikkéni on the essential role art plays in a revolution. "Art is to a revolution what a shadow is to a body. Every revolution needs its voices, its icons and look". For Dikkéni, Art of Boo decided to share his most hopeful artwork, 'Thawra Little Wins'. Shop it here