Meet the Photographer: Dia Mrad

Dia Mrad is a Lebanese photographer, based in Beirut, specialized in interiors and architecture photography.

He graduated from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik in Lebanon (USEK) with a Master's in architecture in 2017. Since then, Dia merged his education in architecture with his passion for photography, to come up with a fresh take on architectural photography and visual storytelling.

Driven by a desire to understand Beirut, to document it, and to try to decode the secrets to its captivating charm, Mrad started photographing the city with a special focus on architecture, which he felt is an essential element in this “charming” composition. His work took on an unexpected turn after Beirut’s explosion on August 4th. The triple-arched facades of heritage houses that he had been tracking for two years, were razed, some to the ground. In his work, Mrad was deeply invested in showing the beauty, charm, and symmetry of Lebanese architecture. After the explosion, he purposefully used the same frames and composition to show the tragic transformation.

The striking photos were essential in showing the extent of the destruction and damage suffered in Beirut, as well as raising funds for the reconstruction. They also received international attention through social media and were soon sought after by news agencies and magazines.

Mrad started getting recognition in the art scene with the Gibran photo, a piece that symbolized and represented internationally the devastating multiple aspects of Beirut's August 4th explosion, and the damage inflicted upon the people, the heritage, and the culture of the city.His work has progressed into visual story, currently centered around the transformation of Beirut’s architecture and its urban fabric, while still keeping an eye on the everlasting beauty retained in the city.

You can follow Dia's work on social media, mainly Instagram.