International Women's Day: It's About Her.

This International Women's Day, we would like to dedicate it to her. Young or old, short or tall, from grandmothers to step-mothers and widows to working women. It’s about all the women who work tirelessly and endlessly, making space for themselves, others, and future generations to come.

It’s about your; grandmother, mother, aunt, CEO, activist, working women, loving women , single women, fearless women.

It's about her.

Forget the caring eyes, warm hugs and soft smiles. Forget all about the all loving, all encompassing, all caring nature of our women. Today, it’s not just about the good but it’s also about the badass.It’s about all the women, who against all odds, have lived, strived and thrived in a world that did not (and does not) appreciate them. It’s about the strength and resilience of women who have fought, climbed, and clawed their way up, from east to west. Leaving behind a trail for the rest of us to follow, a legacy of groundbreaking achievements and a history of sacrifice. 

It’s about her. 

It’s about the women on the streets, who have fought side by side, hand in hand, showing their daughters and sons they deserve better. It’s about the women who sacrificed so much yet got so little. It's about her relentless, fearless, and instantiable nature.

It’s about her.

It’s about the women behind big desks, computers and books. The women who educated us and who continue to educate us on progress and intersectionality. It’s about the women who moulded our minds and our futures with their very bare hands. The same hands used to uplift, support and push one another. 

It’s about the woman in your very home:

Caring, protective, loving, strong, tough, smart, free, bold and courageous. 

It’s about her. 

We would like to dedicate this international women’s day to all those women who have fought and continue to fight against structural and gender inequalities. We are a proud female led business, a team of strong, independent, and dedicated women. International women's day reminds us that because of those who have, today we can. So, here’s a big thank you all the women who have raised, taught, and built us up to know we deserve better.

Today is about: the dreamers, the educators, the writers, the creative minds, the artists, the fighters and every woman in between.