The Charm of Gemmayze #dikkeninarratives

If Beirut was an animal, it would be a chameleon. Because what is so captivating about this city, is its ability to fit everywhere. Beirut fits in the magnificence of the ancient Phoenician time, Beirut fits in the craziness of the disco fever. It also fits in the scenery of a land full of sorrow, yet so relentless. 

Gemmayze embodies perfectly the spirit of Beirut. It is the fierce gem of the city. Look to your right, you will notice the old bookseller sitting still on his chair, patiently waiting for some curious minds; look to your left, you will feel the life buzzing from the crowded pubs. Smells from the finest street food in the world, warm neighbourhoods, colourful walls and endless stairways are amongst the things you will encounter in Gemmayze.

Yasmine Darwiche Window Series

The Blue House - Yasmine Darwiche 

 But mostly, when you’re there, look above you. You will be submerged by the beauty of the architecture. The eccentricity of these buildings’ windows holds something special to every Lebanese. Round, square, almond shaped; yellow, green or blue, they all seem familiar to us. Because this is where our morning coffee tastes best, where our conversations flow deeper as the sun goes down, and our only escape from home to to the noisy streets.

But when your head will be busy contemplating the city, beware of its streets’ melody as it will lure you, like the mermaid entices the sailer, into joining the urban party.