Lost in Douma #dikkeninarratives

To envision Douma’s richness, you should think of a telescope outlooking a city; the more you dive into it, the more you will notice these small things that create the vibrant atmosphere of a city that seems to hold so many secrets.

Located at an altitude of 1150m and part of the Batroun District, Douma has been historically significant throughout the years : during the Phoenician time, this town was made a passageway for the transport of Cedars tree trunk, which were essential for the building of ships; later, it was turned into compass for « The Sham Road » , that linked Lebanon to Syria. 

But Douma is also home to abundant vegetation : olive trees, grapevines and apple trees give a sweeter taste to the scenery. Well huddled against the mountains, but fiercely looking up to the sky, this little village may appear plain from the outside, but it overflows with hidden treasures.

The Yellow House, Yasmine Darwiche

To begin, its houses, the majority built between 1881 and 1914 : impenetrable white rocks, dredged with reheating red roofs and cracked with big luminous windows. 

Also, take your time while wandering in the old souk and find yourself some room in the noisy mess of the merchants, that will provide you with the best artisanal goods : the local Halawa, Zahlawi ice cream or handmade soap. And at the end of the day, when the yellow sky will start falling on this kind village, you will be happy with everything that you’ve seen, because authenticity is its watchword.