Colouring Sheets: Our Latest Addiction

Like many, we seem to find ourselves in a world that is slowly moving away from what we thought would be a return to normalcy. With governments debating lockdowns and public health officials panicking over safety measures, where does that leave us?

Just the thought of getting back into a life where your days meet your nights and your weeks turn into months... sheer panic sets in, and guess what? We all feel it. So, what exactly are you supposed to do when you suddenly find yourself hibernating on your living room floor surrounded by old magazines and take away cups?  

It just so happens that one of our artists, Alexandra Helou (, designed exclusive colouring sheets that might just colour your quarantine blues away. 

The inspiration behind Helou's pieces "Eyespiration" and "It's The Little Things" comes straight from the heart: Family, nature, and sunsets by the sea. 

Just by looking at the coloring sheets and the intricate designs, there is no doubt in our minds that your inner child is squealing. 

Colouring sheets and books have been all the rage for the last couple of years, from big-time publishers and artists releasing their own collections to online printables.

Why did everyone's childhood pass time become everyone's new favourite hobby? 

Turns out, it is way more than just a quick activity to pick up. A study published in the Art Therapy: Journal of American Art Therapy found that when colouring in mandalas or geometric patterns, stress and anxiety levels are more likely to decrease. Colouring supposedly helps the brain enter a meditative state, allowing your mind to relax by focusing on the present. So, we invite you to join us in forgetting the lines, colour schemes, and all of our day-to-day anxieties and get lost in one of Helou's designs. Let all the twists, twirls, and lines teleport you from your living room floor into a whole other dimension filled with nothing but colour.

It's time to turn in all your worries and take out your colouring pencils, and slowly but surely, the grass might end up looking a little bit greener and the sky a little brighter.