Beiteddine #dikkeninarratives

You will generally hear about Beiteddine because it entails the royal heritage of Lebanon. Located in the Chouf district, this charming village was a landmark in the Ottoman Era and has seen generations of Emirs, each one of them shaping and refining the beauty of this village. 

Here, you will find a Lebanese architectural gem: Beiteddine Palace, built in the 19th century and making our eyes sparkle ever since. Its peaceful courtyard melts so well into the authoritarian characteristic of the rocks it was built in; and each room holds a magical world. However, Beiteddine is mostly the realm of a delicate wildlife sheltered in the scented mountains, the realm of generous and authentic people, and houses that could almost speak.

The Pink House - Yasmine Darwiche

First thing you will notice is how the houses are designed to be part of the mountains, almost as if it has birthed them from its rocks. The large, almond-shaped windows could very well be fine with no glass, as looking through them will make you want to breathe the nature surrounding you and talk to the birds. Imagine then the dusk’s freshness, combined with the warmth of a busy family home, and you will rightfully know the power of this endearing, imperishable village.

And when you’re sure you’ve had enough of this soothing environment, go to the local coffee shop, chat with those you love, while patiently waiting for the event of the year : Beiteddine Festival, as loud as the willingness of this village to keep screaming its exquisiteness.