Beirut Explosion: Our partner NGOs’ work and needs

It’s the undeclared social contract, the profound connection that gives us faith when there are a million reasons to stop believing in anything, and if there’s ever been a tribute to the human spirit, it’s the work of NGOs in Lebanon this week. 

Amongst the images of Beirut in ruins that are forever etched in our conscience, are equally poignant pictures of people on the ground, offering shelter, providing food, supporting those who lost their loved ones or their homes, and helping carers and emergency services staff. 

At Dikkéni, we’ve always been proud of the NGOs that we work with. But we’ve never been more in awe of their dedication and tireless work. They quite literally dusted themselves off on Tuesday and mounted fully-fledged relief operations. Below is a summary of their work and needs. Please do support them however you can. 




Bedayati’s community kitchen has been very busy, cooking hundreds of meals a day for the most vulnerable families in an informal setting in Beirut. Their youth programme took to the streets offering food to the communities and neighbourhoods that are most affected. If you wish to support Bedayati, please visit this link to donate to their crowdfunding drive. 




Foodblessed is a local hunger-relief initiative that works with businesses and civil society to reduce the number of people going hungry in Lebanon. The community-based, volunteer-driven food rescue program provides an effective and efficient solution to hunger while addressing the serious and growing problem of food waste in Lebanon. Following the blast, they have mobilised their teams on the ground, mapping those in need, providing meals and food boxes, helping to clean damaged streets and houses. Please visit their appeal page here if you wish to donate



Gestures From the Heart

From their base in North Lebanon, Gestures From the Heart, whose main focus is on abandoned elderly people, have shifted their operation to provide food items such as hot meals and baby milk to hard hit communities in Beirut. They’re also supporting key workers such as doctors and those helping with clean-up efforts by providing meals to them on-site. To support Gestures From the Heart, please use this link




This initiative, run in collaboration by Lebanon Needs, The House of Christmas and mental health NGOs such as Cenacle de la Lumiere and Embrace, will provide immediate relief, by helping to find accommodation for the displaced and delivering critical supplies and training for front line healthcare workers. This will include conducting assessments to understand the most pressing needs for medicines and equipment and sourcing those. Very importantly, it will also create local PTSD cells with mental health specialists. 

In the longer term, LiBeirut is looking to work with the order of Architects and Engineers to help with reconstruction efforts and to save old houses. 

If you wish to support Lebanon Needs, please visit this page

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