Bedayati: For a More Inclusive Lebanon

For the lucky few that get to experience Beirut, its streets, full of character, will always feel like sanctuaries. Despite all the hustle and bustle, Beirut is a sanctum for those that know it well. It is the old architecture hugging new sky rises, the narrow alleyways vibrating with colour, the fast cars and the mopeds. Beirut is the friendly eyes of all the 3amo's and tante's sitting in their stores sharing their morning sob7eye. It is the picture of fearless children dancing on the streets with the whole city as their playground. Beirut’s streets leave a mark. You can never forget how they make you feel.


This is a story of Beirut that only a few are lucky enough to know. The reality is, although Beirut is written about in love stories and poems, its charm does not reach all those living in it. For that reason, initiatives like Bedayati are so important to Dikkéni. Kelly and Daniella from our team, sat down with Karim Chedid, a trustee in Bedayati, to learn more about their new social sector organization and their cause.


Bedayati seeks to break the cycle of poverty in Lebanon by widening opportunities for marginalized youth and actively advocates for inclusivity in the workplace. Through its Youth Programme, Bedayati provides digital, language and skills training. Bedayati also aims to offer holistic employment services and had started working with partners to place some of its youth in employment.


In the current global and economic climate, and with over 45% of the Lebanese population estimated to be living under the poverty line, Bedayati has focused its efforts on addressing emerging priority needs while staying true to its core mission. The team launched its Community Kitchen initiative to help fight food insecurity. This community-powered initiative provides some 600 hot meals a week to vulnerable families and offers short-term employment opportunities for Bedayati youth whose jobs have been impacted by the crisis. Working in the Kitchen they are learning community service, project management and employability skills.


By re-focusing their aims to cater to the current needs of the Lebanese community, Bedayati has proven to be a genuine charitable force. Here at Dikkéni, we believe in empowering the Lebanese community through any means possible! That is why non-profit organizations like Bedayati put a smile on our face and restore our hope for a brighter and kinder Lebanon.


With Dikkéni you can #purchaseforapurpose, and Bedayati is a pretty worthy purpose!