A Monday Morning with Jennifer El Hage

We all have our perfect Monday morning routine. A little ritual that gets us up, gets us going and sets us up for the week ahead. Whether that be the smell of coffee brewing or music dancing throughout the halls, Monday mornings are sacred. Today, with all that is happening, we cannot help but reminisce to one perfect Monday morning. One that included a three-way call with the Dikkéni team, and this week's highlighted artist: Jennifer El Hage.

We reminisce because Hage’s optimism and positivity are contagious! and don’t we all need a bit of positivity right now?

Hage is many amazing things, but one of the first things you will notice is her smile: big, bright, and oh so optimistic! Hage, a designer, art director, and coffee lover happens to be one of the many talents we are proud to work with at Dikkéni. With a design degree from Italy and inspiring roots, Hage's work is a merge of cultures and a modern take on her Middle Eastern heritage.

The second thing about Hage that will quickly become apparent is her love for coffee and Arabic calligraphy! No surprise then that Dikkéni’s coaster collection 'Revolution', is her work. The coasters themselves just scream Hage's personality.
The dreamy like Arabic letters drawn across the coasters, combined with black and white shades and a little hint of red. Beautiful, simple, positive. A mixture of her favourite things, her heritage and modern approach to art.



 Hage's upbeat personality is something we all gush about at Dikkéni. I am sure this blog's tone has made that painfully obvious. So we had to ask how? and she delivered! When asked about how she could maintain such a glass half full mentality, Hage explained the: 'Why diet.'

So what is the why diet? Turns out, Hage's secret to her positive outlook in this oh so complicated life: NEVER ask why! Hage believes in just following your gut or instincts, rather than continually nagging on the four W's: Who, What, Where, and Why, and you'll slowly be on the road to positivity. No more questions, no more doubts, but a whole lot more of good energy. Again, beautiful, simple, positive!

More topics then we can cover here were touched during our little morning zoom get-together: Coffee, body-positivity, poetry, etc. All boiled down to one striking truth about Hage and it is her versatility. From design to photography, it is as though Hage can do it all.

Take a look at Hage's "ISF Boots" piece on Dikénni, and you will easily see the talent and versatility in her work. "ISF Boots" is a political statement, intending to portray the police oppression on peaceful protestors during the October 17 revolution, highlighting the country's energy at the time.

Hage's radiant positivity and talent are two of the many unique things about her. Get to know her a little more by exploring her work on Dikkéni and if there is any time to #purchaseforapurpose, it is now. We hope we were able to share with you the positivity and optimism that Hage shared with us!