MOJEH | This is How Arab Artists are Supporting Lebanon (And How You Can Help)

Photographers, graphic designers, painters and illustrators send messages of love and support to Lebanon through artworks that capture just a fragment of the chaos and devastation 

It is difficult to fathom the utterly heartbreaking event that took place in Beirut on August 4 and even more difficult to put the damage into words. Unable to voice the true extent of grief, sorrow and anger that surrounds the explosion, artists across the Middle East have expressed their overwhelming feelings in works of art dedicated to Lebanon. 

Each piece represents a different emotion tied to the tragic explosion that killed over 200 people, injured thousands, destroyed livelihoods and left 300,000 residents without a home. Emotive photographs capture the crippling damage of the blast; graphic illustrations convey solidarity; mixed media works reflect the resilience of the Lebanese people; and paintings honour the lives that have been lost. 

Nour Flayhan for Dikkeni

While some Arab creatives are using their artwork to spread awareness of the situation in Lebanon via social media, urging their followers to help in any way they can, others are participating in auctions and selling prints to raise funds for relief efforts in Lebanon. 

American-Lebanese illustrator, Nour Flayhan, has been accepting commissions for her colour-popping art with all proceeds going to charities in Lebanon. The artist has also collaborated with online concept store, Dikkeni, to create special prints (that can be purchased as standalone posters or printed onto tote bags) to raise money for Impact Lebanon.

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