Dikkeni x Lebanon Needs
Each season Dikkéni partners with a local Lebanese community-focused NGO to receive a portion of the sales. Through our parent organization Impact Lebanon, we carefully vet local NGOs to ensure maximum transparency and reliability. We will share proof of receipt of funds with each NGO we partner with. From September 2020 - December 2020 we worked with the non-profit organisation Lebanon Needs to receive a portion of funds from each Dikkéni sale.



Lebanon Needs is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 dedicated to creating and delivering sustainable healthcare solutions for impoverished and underserved Lebanese.  Lebanon Needs is based on a holistic healthcare approach that tackles the social determinants of health: healthcare, housing and food.
The Lebanese economic system that has been deteriorating over the past few years, has now become a crisis pit, where urgent action is needed to ensure basic needs, in particular: healthcare, housing, and food. 
Their call for action started as a needs assessment in Lebanon to ascertain how they can bridge gaps with the help of expats. Following the assessment, their operation evolved: they developed a needs-based, transparent fundraising system, to help as many people as possible. 
They are continually reinforcing the structure and consolidating all needs to support a more significant number of people. While their priority is to help vulnerable communities, they are also doing their best to preserve – eventually, reinforce the Lebanese ecosystem.
Their strategy is to address the needs of the local population by injecting money to initiate the building blocks of circular economic systems. The trickle-down effect of these monetary injections will lead to their redistribution where it is most needed instead of being pulled back out in short loops and benefiting other economies, in the case of imports.
Their organization is demand/needs based as well as data-driven instead of the more familiar open-ended fundraising structures where supply drives the system. Their goal is to oversee a transparent and ethical operation, and to share as much as possible with the general public. 
Their mission currently consists of three main initiatives in coordination with existing public and private structures:
  1. Conducting health care needs assessments.
  2. Developing digital databases for available lower-cost medications (matching brand names with generics) to subsidize patients' medicines through local pharmacies as well as databases for health care services and referral networks.
  3. Organising medical missions to areas with problematic access or reach to existing health care services.

Read more about Lebanon Needs and support them directly on their website.