Each season Dikkéni partners with a local Lebanese community-focused NGO to receive a portion of the sales. Through our parent organisation Impact Lebanon, we carefully vet local NGOs to ensure maximum transparency and reliability. We will share proof of receipt of funds with each NGO we partner with. From June 2020 - August 2020 we worked with the NGO Bedayati to receive a portion of funds from each Dikkéni sale.



Bedayati is a social sector organisation established in 2020. They work to empower marginalised youth in Lebanon, responding to their aspirations for change.


They champion an inclusive world of work, advocating an economy and society where everyone has the possibility to participate and make a difference. They believe that no one’s life journey should be diminished because of lack of access to education or decent work opportunities.


Their mission is to act on social inclusion and to expand opportunities for marginalised youth in Lebanon. We provide skills training, personal development support and holistic employment services, addressing the barriers to employment that prevent youth from accessing sustainable work.

They partner with purpose-driven businesses and organisations to expand decent work opportunities and promote inclusive workplaces. Their Inclusive Employer Pledge invites employers to join a growing movement of Lebanese businesses who commit to help build a more inclusive and sustainable economy and society.



Support Bedayati and their essential work directly on their website