Layali Bladi

Mabelle Abi Ramia is an olfactive artist experimenting with ways we can evoke sentiments, revisit memories or discover new experiences through the power of scent. She began experimenting with scent in 2020 as a way to escape the reality of a lockdown during a pandemic.

Her first project, Layali Bladi is a celebration of her home country, Lebanon. It is born from a longing to be back home and nostalgia to childhood memories. It is presented as a collection of scented candles that represent the enchanting aromas from home. Every purchase includes a donation that goes to our partner NGO Beit El Baraka.

Layali Bladi which translates to the nights of my home/country is a collection of handpoured scented candles for the homesick and an ode to the beauty that is Lebanon.