Soha Ghandour

About Soha

Soha Ghandour is a self-taught Lebanese photographer. In 2016, she developed an interest in photography when she strongly started noticing the different surroundings around her: from physical structures, people and moments of everyday life. Most of her pictures are taken spontaneously as she is heading towards a destination, and the scenes she is drawn to are the ones marked by a dynamic colorful composition.

In September 2016, Ghandour was selected as the finalist of the Byblos Bank Award for Photography (Lebanon). Following that, she decided to leave her corporate job and focus solely on photography. In June 2018, Ghandour held her first solo exhibition in Beyrouth. A month later, she was designated as third place winner in the “Travel” category of the Iphone Photography Award. She was featured in media publications such as “The Guardian”, “The Huffington Post” and “Getty Reportage”.



Contact Her For:

- Street Photography
- Metal Artwork
-  Plexi Photography Pieces

Follow @s.o.h.a.g on Instagram to stay up to date with her work.

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