Founded during a very challenging phase for Lebanon, Tafta is a brand that emerged shyly from behind the doors of a two-member household, mother and daughter. The mother, a skilled woman with a deep passion for handmade crafts, and the daughter, a thirty-year old in desperate search for unique loungewear, decided to explore the possibility of creating a robe. Followed by a pair of pants. A top. A pouch. And a matching scrunchie to top it all off.


A few samples in, came the idea of replicating what seemed to be a one-size-fits-many-many-sizes robe and PJ set. The idea developed very organically and served the needs of a close circle of friends and family, before turning into a small business operating from the comfort of home, amid one of the first and strictest lockdowns.

The now up-and-running business started relying on women, who like many others in Lebanon, were facing severe financial challenges and difficulties in making ends meet, but who had the skill of crafting an impeccable set of intimate wear.


The values are clear: limited quantities to avoid over production and environmental waste, green packaging including a reusable cloth pouch, complimentary scrunchies offered with every robe to minimize fabric leftovers, handmade items to stimulate local production, delicate intimate wear for lounging on a couch, seducing your significant other or sipping watermelon juice by the poolside.

Here was born Tafta, conscious craftswomanship.

Locally handmade intimate wear, by women for women.

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