Meet “Natalia” and “Fidele”, socially & environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and the co-founders of “KEESS”.

“Keess”, which basically means plastic or paper bag in Arabic; aims to replace single-use plastic by introducing trendy and convenient alternatives. The items usually come with a message, like in the case of their latest collaboration with the Lebanese cartoon artist known as “the art of boo”, in order to raise awareness on plastic pollution. 


They use sustainable, recycled and organic material to create their bags. And usually work with local women groups and NGO’s in order to support, and give back to the community.

Hoping to make a difference, they self-funded their business, and designed everything themselves. They are extremely passionate about their products, and still personally check and package every single item.


With a strong belief in the importance of the cause, they launched the first purpose made brand of reusable bags in Lebanon, to replace single-use plastic while shopping. The idea sparked as a reaction to the waste crisis, and heavy microplastic pollution of the rivers and sea in Lebanon. 

You can find their brand on Instagram and Facebook: @keess.official